About Us

Franco Casagrande job consultant registered since 1992 in the Register of the Province of Gorizia as well as offering daily advice to its customers, assists them during inspections on the subject of contributions, insurance and tax, manages litigation with social security and insurance institutions, industrial relations and relations with employers’ organizations (Confindustria, Artisans, Traders, etc.) and trade unions, manages labor disputes, prepares supplementary company and second level agreements assisting the Client or replacing it.

It accompanies them in the procedures of merger, transfer, reconversion and/or company restructuring, including procedures for the mobilization of personnel, preparing all the necessary documentation and maintaining relations with the social partners.

During his more than twenty years of experience, he has achieved a high degree of specialization in the field of cooperation recognized by the professional organizations (Confcooperative). The acquired experience offers guarantees of correct application of the laws that regulate the sector (ex DPR 602/1970, L. 381/91, L. 142/2001) and internal regulations, which require specific normative knowledge, for a a correct social security and insurance framework for the member that guarantees the cooperative to operate within the terms of the law and at the same time allows not to neglect possible contributions to support employment both nationally and locally.

Much importance has been given to the legislation concerning the financing of companies in the field of work, whether they are European (F.S.E.), national, regional, etc. for which the documentation for the achievement is prepared.

Franco Casagrande has always believed in the importance of technological innovation as an indispensable tool to satisfy the greatest number of requests from companies, including those of medium and large size. Currently it counts among its customers important groups that operate with plants located in different regions of Italy and abroad.

For all the requirements relating to the calculation and printing data processing, ELABORAZIONI CASAGRANDE srl was established, of which rag. Franco Casagrande is administrator and for which he carries out the work consultancy activity pursuant to the law of 11 January 1979 n. 12.

A team of 17 employees and professionals work in the company.